9407 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA 98204


About Us

O’Neill’s Wheels first opened in Everett in late 1990's.  We set out to make it a place different from all expectations and stereotypes.  It worked!  Our customer base grew, our inventory grew, our staff doubled and it was very cozy! (Meaning too small!)

In 2004 we had the chance to buy an Everett landmark, just 5 blocks south. The Evergreen Gardens property with it’s famous three level glass tower and sprawling 5,000 square foot building that had seen better days. After a full summer of extensive renovation we finally had the office space, an indoor showroom, a 3 car repair shop and easy parking that we wanted. Since the move we’ve started selling motorcycles, quads, a few muscle and semi-exotic cars and with the indoor showroom some very interesting consignments. We’re here to stay
We are active in the community, we live and shop here, we support local community programs, families and charities. People are proud to have purchased their car from O'Neills Wheels, because their friends and neighbors will know they got a good car at a fair price, made an intelligent and informed decision, and the money stayed in the community.


Our mission is to provide clean, reliable, affordable vehicles to local families and individuals that need some help due to credit or insurance issues. That will be accomplished in a family friendly, pressure free environment. We will help people rebuild or start their credit rating.

We can finance you without all the hassles, documentation, and headaches because we ARE the finance company! You buy the vehicle here, you pay for it here! No red tape, no stuffy loan officers, no crazy eyed salesmen and managers running back and forth! We make it easy and we will report your payments directly to the credit bureau*, so you gain REAL nationwide credit ratings! 

We’ve been doing this type of financing since long before it was ‘fashionable’ and popular with the mainstream. We proudly post Blue Book Values and our prices in the cars. We will provide you with a friendly, no pressure environment and encourage you to take your time, shop around, and have an independent mechanic’s inspection. We will treat you with respect, and we will tell the truth. We won’t spend your time or ours telling you how wonderful every vehicle is, that will be obvious with the test drive. We will, however, openly address the fact your car will need repairs someday, and maybe even break down. That is when we really shine!  We are always there to lend a helping hand with unexpected repairs, regular maintenance, even accidents! You will be amazed at how quickly and inexpensively quality repairs and parts really cost when you're paying dealer costs. Every car on the road will need to be fixed someday, the difference is the level of help you can expect form O'Neill's Wheels when you need it the most. Over 70% of our sales are repeats and referrals and we think that is due to open and honest communication, realistic expectations, and follow up service even after the car is paid off. 

At O’Neill’s Wheels the proper fit into the right vehicle and the right budget is more important to us than making the sale. By telling the truth, being fair, and understanding individual needs our business has grown. We’ll leave the used car tactics to the other guys out for the quick sale, we’d rather earn your long term trust.  To sum up our mission statement, quite simply is the golden rule